Why choose East Coast Conveyancing?

Choosing a conveyancer isn’t difficult if you know what questions to ask. The first question 99% of people ask is “How much do you charge?”. It seems like the right question but really it’s only one of the factors to consider when selecting a conveyancer.

What Should You Ask?

Instead of asking “how much is it going to cost” you should probably ask “How much is this going to cost if I DON’T use them?”

When looking for a conveyancer, find out:

How do they communicate with their clients?

If they don’t offer FREE TEXT MESSAGES to your phone informing you of the latest information regarding your purchase or sale of your property, you should cross them off your list.

Not everyone is able to take a call as soon as it rings. If you’re nodding your head right now, you definitely want a conveyancer who keeps you up to date with SMS. If something goes wrong with a conveyancing matter it is usually because there was a lack of communication. That is why all our clients take advantage of our Free Text Message service.  The real estate agents appreciate the text messages we send to them too.

How many staff do they have available?

Did you know the cheap conveyancers usually only have one or two staff. What happens if they get sick for a couple of days? Did you know that if they don’t touch your file for 2 days, you could miss the house you want to buy or lose the buyer you want to sell to? The cheap conveyancer could actually cost you more! In case you’re wondering, East Coast has over 30 staff available to help you.

Are they mobile?

Unfortunately, conveyancing isn’t a cut and dry business. Things happen quickly and usually when it’s is least convenient to you. What happens if you’re at work and a signature needs to be obtained? What if you’re unable to get to an office? Make sure your conveyancer or conveyancer’s representative is able to come to you.  We have a dedicated team who are mobile and available to see you in office hours within the Newcastle, Central Coast, Lake Macquarie and Hunter Valley areas.

Be very careful when choosing a conveyancer.  Don’t make such an important decision purely based on price.  Aim for a conveyancer that will fit in with your daytime movements.  Believe it or not, choosing the right conveyancer can make a massive difference to your stress levels.  East Coast Conveyancing have the systems in place to make this whole process much easier for you.